About Milkysnugz

Milkysnugz make feeding time easier, a fun range of cuddly bottle comforters that come with lots of loving hugz. The New Universal Collection take 98% of baby bottles on the market, including sipper spout & sports cap bottles too.


When placed against a mothers breast Milkysnugz will attract her smells on to it as well as keeping contents at the same temperature for longer


This is great for breast fed babies who are used to the smell of mummy as well as a constant flow of warm milk, allowing partners & grandparents to get involved and help with feeding time. Its important to help dad build that bond too.


Babies build a bond with their Milkysnugz not their feeding aid


Milkysnugz help make feeding aid transition so much easier, from bottles to sipper spouts to preschool we go.


Help Baby develop fine motor skills, so they can become independent feeders (usually from 6 months +)


Milkysnugz will help with the development of your baby's fine motor skills as it learns to grasp & eventually hold their own feeds.


Just like bibs and baby grows Milkysnugz don't mind getting covered in dribbles as babies grow


Milkysnugz have been designed to be fully machine washable at 30 degrees


A toddlers best friend


Now fitting sipper spouts and sports caps Milkysnugz are a toddlers best friend, during the day its filled with water or sugar free juice keeping them hydrated and in the evening they can have their evening bottle of milk all snug in bed with their friend.

Made from the highest quality materials Milkysnugz are very soft and long lasting with full CE certification. A practical, innovative gift that actually works.

We launched with Tesco just before Christmas 2013 and are due to launch with several other majors this year. We have several independent stockist across the UK and Ireland and have also stared exporting worldwide.